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Welcome to the comprehensive guide on Dioquine Suspension, an effective antimalarial medication that plays a crucial role in preventing and treating malaria. In this article, we will provide you with a detailed overview of Dioquine Suspension, including its uses, chemical contents, dosage information, packaging options, and essential safety precautions.

Dioquine Suspension

Product Overview: Dioquine Suspension is a trusted antimalarial solution that is available under various brand names. It offers effective protection against malaria, a life-threatening disease caused by the Plasmodium parasite. Let's explore the key aspects of this product.


Dioquine Suspension is primarily prescribed for the prevention and treatment of malaria, including:

Prevention Treatment
Malaria-Prone Areas Malaria Infections
Traveling to Endemic Regions Malaria Complications
Prophylactic Use Severe Malaria Symptoms
High-Risk Groups Recurrent Infections

Dioquine Suspension is a valuable tool in the fight against malaria, protecting individuals in endemic areas and travelers visiting regions where the disease is prevalent.

Chemical Contents:

The active ingredient in Dioquine Suspension is Chloroquine, a well-established antimalarial medication. Chloroquine works by interfering with the life cycle of the Plasmodium parasite, preventing it from causing malaria.

Basic Dosage Information:

The recommended dosage of Dioquine Suspension may vary depending on the purpose and individual factors. However, a typical dosage guideline is as follows:

  • For Malaria Prevention: Usually, one 5ml (equivalent to 100mg of Chloroquine) dose weekly, taken on the same day each week. Begin taking the medication one to two weeks before entering a malaria-prone area and continue for four weeks after leaving the area.
  • For Malaria Treatment: The treatment duration and dosage will be determined by a healthcare provider, typically ranging from 3 to 7 days.

Please consult your healthcare provider for personalized dosage instructions, especially for children and those with special medical conditions.

Packaging Options Available:

Dioquine Suspension comes in various packaging options, ensuring that you can choose the most convenient one for your needs:

Packaging Size Chloroquine Content Typical Use
120ml bottle 1200mg Long-term prevention or treatment
60ml bottle 600mg Short-term prevention or treatment
30ml bottle 300mg Traveler's short-term prevention

These packaging options cater to different requirements, making Dioquine Suspension versatile for various applications.

Basic Safety Information:

  • Allergic Reactions: Prior to taking Dioquine Suspension, inform your healthcare provider of any allergies to Chloroquine or related medications.
  • Complete the Course: Always complete the full prescribed course of Dioquine Suspension to ensure effective prevention or treatment.
  • Side Effects: Common side effects include nausea, diarrhea, and headache. Contact your healthcare provider if you experience severe side effects.
  • Interaction with Other Medications: Inform your healthcare provider about all medications you are taking to avoid potential interactions.


Dioquine Suspension, available under various trusted brand names, is an essential tool in the fight against malaria. Whether for prevention in malaria-prone regions or for the treatment of malaria, this antimalarial solution offers reliable and effective protection. Adhering to the prescribed dosage, completing the full course, and consulting your healthcare provider for personalized guidance are essential steps to ensure your safety and well-being. With Dioquine Suspension, you can confidently defend yourself against malaria and its potentially life-threatening consequences.