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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Betamethasone Cream 15g, a trusted topical steroid cream that addresses various skin conditions. In this detailed product page, we will provide you with essential information about Betamethasone Cream, including its uses, chemical composition, recommended dosage, packaging options, and important safety guidelines.

Betamethasone Cream 15g

Product Overview: Betamethasone Cream 15g is a topical steroid medication designed to treat a variety of skin conditions. It is available under different brand names, offering you effective solutions for skin health. Let's explore the key aspects of this product.


Betamethasone Cream 15g is prescribed for managing skin conditions, including but not limited to:

Skin Condition Affected Areas
Eczema (Dermatitis) Itchy, inflamed skin
Psoriasis Thickened, scaly skin
Allergic Reactions Skin irritation and redness
Atopic Dermatitis Chronic skin inflammation
Contact Dermatitis Skin irritation from contact

Chemical Contents:

The active ingredient in Betamethasone Cream is Betamethasone, a potent corticosteroid. Betamethasone works by reducing inflammation and suppressing the body's immune response, thereby providing relief from various skin conditions.

Basic Dosage Information:

The recommended dosage of Betamethasone Cream 15g may vary depending on the specific skin condition and the patient's age. However, a general guideline for application is as follows:

  • A thin layer should be applied to the affected area once or twice daily.

Please consult your healthcare provider for personalized dosage instructions and the duration of treatment.

Packaging Options Available:

Betamethasone Cream 15g is available in various packaging options to suit different treatment needs:

Packaging Size Amount of Cream Typical Treatment Duration
15g tube One 15g tube Short-term treatment
30g tube One 30g tube Moderate-term treatment
50g tube One 50g tube Extended treatment

These packaging options ensure flexibility in choosing the right amount of cream for your specific requirements.

Basic Safety Information:

  • Allergic Reactions: Before using Betamethasone Cream, inform your healthcare provider of any allergies to steroids or any other medications.
  • Application Guidelines: Apply the cream as directed by your healthcare provider and avoid using it on open wounds or broken skin.
  • Side Effects: Potential side effects may include skin thinning, itching, or burning. If you experience severe side effects, consult your healthcare provider.
  • Interaction with Other Medications: Inform your healthcare provider about all medications and skincare products you are using to prevent interactions.


Betamethasone Cream 15g, available under various trusted brands, is your ally in achieving healthy and radiant skin. With its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, it effectively treats a range of common skin conditions. It is essential to follow your healthcare provider's instructions regarding application and treatment duration for the best results. Your skin's health is a top priority, and with Betamethasone Cream, you have a reliable solution.